Carsten Suhr Jacobsen

  • Title: Senior researcher
  • Phone: +45 38 14 23 13
  • Email:

I am interested in molecular microbial ecology of microbial communities in environmental samples. I believe that microbial ecology can only be described properly using a combination of molecular methods, biogeochemical techniques and classical microbiology. I have used significant amount of energy on quantification of nucleic acids directly extracted from soil, and I have worked with different methods to quantify mRNA directly in soil. My research has mainly been devoted the microbial degradation of pesticides, PAH compounds and chlorinated compounds.

Marek Stibal

  • Title: Researcher
  • Phone: +45 38 14 22 35
  • Email:

I am interested in the microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of cold ecosystems, with an emphasis on carbon and nutrient cycling in low temperature ecosystems and the large scale effects of microbial communities on glacial environments.